Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Life Sucks !

 Hey , it me noober :P and , my life , its suck !! Like Fork !! you know , someone doesn't accept me :\ is that insane ? My heart is broken know , nobody can hell it .. except her :'( then , I've inbox with her at the facebook..  we chat and chat and chat then she said she doesn't accept ! So i want to tell you , goodluck with this stupid stuff ;) Chow chow !  

                                                            Muhd Siddiq Bin Shmsul Bahar ;)

Friday, January 21, 2011

New School XD

SMKSSAAS , Skolah baru , hihi lame gile x blog ! dari kls 1 RAJIN masuk kls 1 AZAM ! babi best ! aku pandai laaa , x sgtt -.- x pon sanye :P Hhihi , Mls ah , dh x de bende nk cakap !!! so Bubye :D

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 Byebye , 2011 Hello :')

 Yo readers , its me Noobers . Dmn u call me noob , haha not funny . Ehem. , The 2010 almost end haih, Hye 2011 :) this is the story 

Teachers: Siddiq !! why r u crying (not really)
Siddiq: I dont know teachers , i dont know ..
Teachers: so , I know why u cry , u miss 2010 right ??
Siddiq: maybe ..


21/12/2010 :')

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Do U Think What Im Thinking ;)

Hye  Readers, its me Noobers :) ml lm u call me noobers... Do U thingking what im thingking ?? yeah, I was thingking that im gonna Do Heelflip land , its to hard dude.. Haihh, Okay Bubye Noobie readers :P haha Not kidding :|

Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 1, I will not forget this :)

Yo readers !! Its me Noobers ! I just want to talk about 2 december 2010 :) You know what, its the awesome day in my LIFE !!! Tp rmi Badmood :(Tp x pe, First at home, I open my Fb then Falynn n nuri ask me to Webcaming.. So i dont have any choice.. Then They said "wei aku nk grk skarang ah bye .. 1.21 pm" .. When i think I arrived at 2.30 pm.. so i decided to "bwk bola" because I kind of bored there.. But They Bring Skateboard -.- "menyesal sial" haihh, Im hungry, i eat all type of food.. The cupcake amazing !! thanx nuri :D When "nk hujan" we decided to walk.. I call my mom.. then she let me to go PAS, then Aina Azmn Hug me.. :D(cousins) afterr we walk "kitorang nk lintas jln" Its really scary, But Im the first guy who is arrived "korang lopek :P" Then we all play bowling.. The first game I second, but the second game last -.- "bile balik x jadi main tepong -.-" But its okay cause its was the best day ever !!! Love You Guys !!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

School Holidays ;)

Holo ! readers, Its me Noobers ;) I want to talk about School holidays ;) Since the school Closed, Everyone at Home Must be Boring :( Yeah I know, Me too.. Longtime Im not blogging ;) Haihhh! "Its all From Noobers,If you want more Please Insert 50 Dollar, Thank you"

                                                                   MuhdSiddiq ;)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dinner Year 6 Skrm :')

Hello Noobers,it's me Muhd Siddiq..yeah I know everybody love Dinner because have many FRIENDS ;)i was happy to..and thats all that i can type because im bored -.- okay now.

chow ,                                                       Muhd Siddiq ;)