Sunday, October 31, 2010

Skate park....

 Sk8park was great at  saturday.all my friend at there.soi was so exciting..first thing i do at the sk8park is ramp.i was scared then i so brave. i do all ramp.but 6 time i was failed.shit that my whoole body was hurt...AArghh.,but khaleed use the syawal deck so long.i using nassrul  deck.sedap gile deck nassrul.aku nmpk affinn main pergh mcm TONY AFFINN :O oky IM done

                                                                     muhd siddiq ;)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Boring Day !!

Hello we meet again.Okay, I want talk about Another Boring Day !!Shit !!I just boring because Adi's Father want to hack facebook.boring !!!that's my word..Boringgggggggg!!!!!! Wt Fish ,I always boring if Adi not on.Sheeet!!okay i was boring now so im done..


                                                          Laviondra Siddiqon ;)                                  

Monday, October 18, 2010

About My Cousin :D

 Ainaa Azman Is my cousin..She's very nice(Honest).I'm very proud of her because she always make a joke.(damn joke).haha.anyway Ainaa you must comment this blog n follow my blog :D If you not gonna follow my blog,you will know then Muahahahahaha(evil laugh)anyway i dont have any idea to type for this blog so . Im done.maybe someday I will put anybody photo :D

The Real Life :D

 Heyy,The real life that I was talking about is about love.In this world , you always love somebody.(Girls).Hmm,Okay,I want to say that i couple four persons :D But the last one not comfirm I want to say that I Love You Adi Asyiqeen.Hmm, maybe I should help my friend Harith Nazli for couple with Ellisha Razlisham.Hmm, I will teach him hot to couple :) I dont have much time for typing the blog..But i will keep typing.and Thanx To Adi Asyiqeen for edit my profile :) So seeya on the next blog ;)
                                                              Laviondra Siddiq ;)


Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Person Who I hate !

Her name is Nur Fazlynn Hanie.She My Ex Girlfriend..I hate her because.....there is to many words so i dont write it :l

The Person Who I love :D

 Ok.The person that whi I love is Adi Asyiqeen.She nice,great n beautiful. :)Hmmmm,But Adi has Boyfriend.... .... If you has the answer..follow my blog and comment this blog. Gotcha ;)

About Me Baby ;)

 Hello.My name is Muhd Siddiq.13 in next year on 26 Semtember 2011.The person who I love is Adi Asyiqeen.She  love me.So, I love her to.So,If you want more about me..just follow :)